Dear modelers,
Thanks a lot for such big interest to our models. We hope that You always find a lot of interesting for You in our products. For us it is always pleasant to read the works of gratitude to our company. And of course, it is very important for us to read all your critical remarks and wishes. And thank You for a lot of interesting suggestions. We read all of them with great attention. Many of your proposes have already embodied in our models and we plan to do this future too. Thanks a lot for such creative union. The main thing for us is to produce the models which will be interesting for You. We create for You.

Ув. моделисты,
Благодарим Вас за большой интерес к нашим моделям и надеемся, что и в будущем вы всегда найдете много интересного. Нам всегда приятно читать слова благодарности в наш адрес. И, конечно, очень важно слышать от Вас критические замечания и пожелания. Мы всегда очень внимательно читаем все ваши письма. Благодарны Вам за огромное количество интересных предложений. Мы очень внимательно относимся к каждому из них. Многие из ваших пожеланий и предложений мы уже выполнили в наших моделях и планируем делать это и в будущем. Благодарим Вас за этот творческий союз. Главное для нас выпускать модели, которые будут интересны Вам. Мы работаем для Вас.

№ 571

DATE: 20.07.2006


CITY: Казань



Comment: Ребята вы молодцы многое делаете интересного, особенно 1:16 но все же не увлекайтесь :) 3 римлянина отличающиеся только щитом и шлемом... может хоть одного из них лучше было центурионом сделать 6)

№ 572

DATE: 31.05.2006

NAME: Igor

CITY: Ужгород



Comment: Здравствуйте дорогие моделисты. Если кому нужны фотографии Т-70 который стоит в Ужгороде на кладбище героев обращяйтесь буду рад с вами поделится.Обращяйтесь на адрес

№ 573

DATE: 18.05.2006

NAME: Michael

CITY: Munich, Germany



Comment: Superb job at a very fair price,
unique topics and natural poses.
Would be great see more dynamic
combat action oriented figures in the future.
Do you have any plans on US related subjects?
keep up the good work!

№ 574

DATE: 24.04.2006

NAME: Emir Yener

CITY: Istanbul



Comment: Dear MiniArt staff, you are doing an amazing job ! Your 1/35 buildings and 1/16 injection figures help rather small budget modelers like me a lot. I don't even mention the versatiliy and and easy to work advantages of the injection molded figures. I'd like to cite, with your permission, what I would like to see more on the 1/16 range.

1) A Prussian/German infantry soldier with the choice of either 1870 franco-german war or 1914-16 first half of the great war. There is virtually no difference between the pattern of uniforms except the collars. The avaliability of a stand-up collar and fall-down collar as a separate piece can settle the matter. all else is just a difference of equipment details (Chiefly the rifle, ammunition pouches and a covered or not-covered pickelhaube) A separate version from the basic torso may be a Stormtrooper.

2) A Russian infantry soldier in greatcoat but with the greatcoat front fully closed; so the figure can be optioned both for 1914-18 and 1941-45.

3) More of Napoleonic range ! A hussar to company your incoming and doubtlessly magnificent cuirassier; two basic torsos of infantrymen: one with ordinary habit-veste of long tails, other with a greatcoat, so we will have immense choices of conversion.

4) A pikeman and an harquebusier to company the muskeeters.

Keep Up the good work ! I will continue to buy and build your products at every opportunity !

№ 575

DATE: 17.04.2006

NAME: Максим

CITY: Moscow



Comment: Заходите и к нам тоже.

№ 576

DATE: 03.04.2006

NAME: Wayne Killeen




Comment: Would you consider going in the direction of 1/35 British Armoured and Scout Cars???? Nobody else makes them!!

№ 577

DATE: 01.04.2006

NAME: bebson




Comment: москва.
москва как много в этом звуке
для сердца"русского" слилось,
как много в нём отозвалось..
с наилудшими пожеланиями...

№ 578

DATE: 25.03.2006

NAME: Brian Sturm

CITY: Fair Haven



Comment: I am very well pleased with your products, but would like to see some hand to hand combat with that transpired on the Eastern Front.

№ 579

DATE: 24.03.2006

NAME: Felix Spuhler

CITY: Bern (swiss)



Comment: helo MiniArt,
congratulations for your excellent plastic models, particularly the figures in 1:35 scale! I realy love this not daily poses of them! I want more of them.


№ 580

DATE: 22.03.2006

NAME: Hisham

CITY: Cairo, Egypt



Comment: First, I want to say how much I love your products. Esprcially the 1/35 scale figures and buildings. I just have a couple of comments/suggestions.

1. There is a huge demand for allied vehicles since, as you can see, the larger manufacturers like Dragon focus almost only on German subjects. So If you make more allied vehicles you will be filling a huge gap in the hobby in 1/35 scale.. both vehicles and figures.

2. Since you make 1/35 scale buildings for dioramas, I'd like to tell you that there is a huge demand for civilian subjects in that scale, both figures and vehicles. Maybe you can have a comi-kit which would comtain a building plus one civilian car plus one or two civilian figures. Dioramas look more real when they have civilian subjects in them.

3. You might want to make some smaller sized buildings, as the ones you have, although very beautiful, require the diorama to be really big. So, how about something like just a corner(2 walls) or some building fronts so that a modeller can build a series of building fronts to make a lone street diorama.

4. How about some modern subjects, both figures and buildings. The Iraq subject is becoming more and more popular with modellers and some mid-east buildings and figures would be great and also there is a huge demand for them.

Finally.. Again, I love your stuff. Hope you take some of my ideas into consideration. And maybe you can have one of your employees check modelling sites like and interact with modellers to get an idea of what there is a demand for.

Looking forward to your future releases.

№ 581

DATE: 20.03.2006

NAME: Josh Willson

CITY: Vancouver,Canada



Comment: I just purchased a couple of your 1:16 kits. All I can say is WOW! Fantastic sculpts,great detail! I`m looking forward to hours of fun. Thankyou for puting out such a great product.

№ 582

DATE: 19.03.2006

NAME: tankist

CITY: Novokuznetsk



Comment: Прясните, пожалуйста ситуацию. На сайте Терри Эшли написано, что восточно-прусский дом будет идти с бонусом - набором фигурок от Дрэгона, а на Вашем сайте про это ни сказано ни слова. Бонус предусматривается только для заграницы или это просто ошибка?

№ 583

DATE: 16.03.2006

NAME: Regan Uy

CITY: Manila, Philippines



Comment: Incredible.Just came across your site and the model kits you offer are outstanding.Hope your product is offered here in the Philippines.

№ 584

DATE: 08.03.2006

NAME: Капранов Юрий

CITY: Озёры, Московская область



Comment: Любые слова благодарности и "виваты" уже, наверное, излишни. Так держать!
Особенно радует "руинная" тема, ведь нашим пацанам иногда просто лень самим что-то сваять. А как насчет современных вояк в 16-м масштабе? Есть еще одна идейка, пока "неподнятая" никем, замылимся?
С уважением Ю.Ю.

№ 585

DATE: 07.03.2006

NAME: Георгий

CITY: Екатеринбург



Comment: Я вот несмотря ни на что - хочу сказать вам огромное спасибо за серию 1:16!!! Развивайте активнее это дело! Жду-недождусь римлян! Удачи вам!


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