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Liebe Modellierer,

Vielen Dank für so großes Interesse an unseren Modellen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie in unseren Produkten immer viel interessant für Sie finden. Für uns ist es immer angenehm, die Werke der Dankbarkeit an unser Unternehmen zu lesen. Und natürlich ist es sehr wichtig für uns, alle kritischen Bemerkungen und Wünsche zu lesen. Und danke für viele interessante Vorschläge.Wir lesen sie alle mit großer Aufmerksamkeit.Viele Ihrer Vorschläge haben bereits in unseren Modellen verkörpert und wir planen auch diese Zukunft zu machen.Vielen Dank für eine solche kreative Vereinigung. Die Hauptsache für uns ist es, die Modelle zu produzieren, die für Sie interessant sein werden. Wir schaffen für Sie

Geoff Potter

Hello Miniart,
I am on a 1/35 narrow gauge railway modeller’s group, and we love all the detail kits you produce. Further sets of generic civilian figures (factory workers, office workers, shop staff, everyday folk, not villagers but average 1930s-40s people not specific to any particular country) would be very welcome, both by military and railway modellers. Railway modelling in 1/35 scale is growing as an interest, and your products are one of the factors helping to drive this. Best regards Geoff Potter, Australia

Paul Alderson

I’m having major problems constructing your German shed (35509). I’ve watched related videos on how to construct MiniArt products but they don’t help with this particular kit. The instructions do not show enough details and appear to leave out parts that should be cut to fit. Is there a video for this particular kit please?


Здравствуйте. Хотелось узнать будет разрабатываться у вас модель иракского танка (Энигма), который Ирак выпускал путем модернизации танка Т-55. Если да , то когда ждать модель.


Take a look to Locomotive M62 in 35 scale for production, thats would be great


It’s kit manufacturers like you which inspired me to return to model-making by producing the kind of detail and accuracy which we never had 30 years ago. Your Dingo and AEC Mk.I are among my most loved kits. But British WW2 AFVs are still not as well covered (especially with accurate kits) as they should be, so can I make some suggestions for some kits?
*A15 Crusader Mk.II or III
*A27M Cromwell Mk.III
*Cromwell ARV
*A30 Challenger
*Humber LRC
*AEC Deacon
*Terrapin amphibian
I know, a lot to ask for! But even one of these would be amazing and much appreciated by British AFV fans.

Robert wolfe

Hello miniart gonna love your what if series great stuff . Rob from Cleveland Ohio


Top company. One of the best on the model market.
Delivers spare parts very fast.
I’m totally satisfied


I would like to thank you for sending correcting parts for PzKpfw. III Ausf. B. I appreciate your customer-friendly attitude


Hello Miniart! As a big fan of both your 1/35 and 1/16 range, I have some suggestions for your next sets if you’d be interested?

•WW2 British infantry in winter clothing
•Modern British infantry
•Modern British tank crew
•WW2 French Foreign Legion

•Napoleonic era Household Cavalryman (with the possibility to make him as either Life Guards or Blues and Royals)
•Crimean War era British Light Dragoon
•Napoleonic era British Grenadier Guard (1st Regiment of Foot Guards)
•Crusades era Knights Templar
•Crusades era Arab soldier
•Crimean War era British foot soldier in winter clothing (68th Regiment of Foot).

I hope you like my ideas and take them on board, and keep up the amazing work!

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