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Liebe Modellierer,

Vielen Dank für so großes Interesse an unseren Modellen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie in unseren Produkten immer viel interessant für Sie finden. Für uns ist es immer angenehm, die Werke der Dankbarkeit an unser Unternehmen zu lesen. Und natürlich ist es sehr wichtig für uns, alle kritischen Bemerkungen und Wünsche zu lesen. Und danke für viele interessante Vorschläge.Wir lesen sie alle mit großer Aufmerksamkeit.Viele Ihrer Vorschläge haben bereits in unseren Modellen verkörpert und wir planen auch diese Zukunft zu machen.Vielen Dank für eine solche kreative Vereinigung. Die Hauptsache für uns ist es, die Modelle zu produzieren, die für Sie interessant sein werden. Wir schaffen für Sie


I am building the Valentine V (35106). I think it is a really beautiful kit. It is full of details and molds are very good. I am very glad with the model. My next Miniart project will be the SU 76 M which I think it is a very interesting and not very common model kit.
Continue making such beatiful kits.

Greetings from Spain.

Gert Mons

Dear MiniArt Team!
I bought and assembled several of your soviet ammunition sets, ranging from 45to 152 mm.It was a long lasting work, but the end-result is very convincing. The ammo boxes are perfect renditions of the real wooden boxes. These sets will make my Soviet artillery pieces come to life. Thank you for these great accessories.
Greetings from Holland.

Steve Gait

Just bought the `35179 – U.S. MOTORCYCLE WLA with RIFLEMAN’.
I’m primarily into 1/24 Car kits but after seeing this kit, thought I/d scale down, especially for putting smaller dioramas together
What a great little model it is, with so much detail for it’s size. Looking forward to build it and getting more items from such an extensive catalogue
Keep up the good work MiniArt

Paul Bonnett

Great range of Engineer vehicles. How about a set of accessories for them ? Such as tow shackles of different sizes, hammers of different sizes, grease guns, oil pumps, chain lifts,inspection lamps etc etc. They would be very handy for dioramas. Keep up the splendid work. ThankYou


Miniart! Hello! I come from China。
Thank you for your 37026 Type 59 Tanks,I like it very much!
But!Marking tips have errors,the 503 Tanks 5 and 6 Marking should be “二级超限”,Instead of some strange patterns.I can contact me if I need it!
Best wishes to you!

1 64 65 66

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