GERMAN TRAMCAR 641 (StraBenbahn Triebwagen 641)

BOX: 345x240x100 mm

 Box contains  model  of  tram with base and tram supports. Kit contains 625 parts.


              Model details:

              ·    The first plastic model of the tram in 1/35 scale.

              ·    Highly detailed model. Size of tram  299 x 63 x 95 mm

              ·    Decal is included

              ·    Kit contains 625 parts

              ·    Kit includes tram supports

              ·    Base with tram line is included. Size of base 320x223mm

              ·    All New Tooling. State of the art engineering utilising slide mould technology.

              ·    Fully detailed interior

              ·    All doors can be assembled open or closed

              ·    Highly detailed chassis


Model's Photo




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