Liebe Modellbauer,

Vielen Dank für ihr großes Interesse an unseren Modellen. Wir hoffen, dass sie in unserer Produktpalette immer viel Interessantes finden. Für uns ist es immer eine Freude, Worte der Dankbarkeit und Anerkennung für unsere Produkte zu lesen. Aber natürlich ist es ebenso wichtig, auch kritische Bemerkungen aufmerksam zu lesen und ihre Wünsche zu kennen. Danke für die vielen interessanten Vorschläge – wir lesen sie alle mit großer Aufmerksamkeit. Viele ihrer Vorschläge haben wir bereits in unseren Modellen umgesetzt und wir planen dies auch in Zukunft zu tun. Vielen Dank für Ihre kreativen Vorschläge und Ideen. Unser Anliegen ist es, Modelle zu produzieren, die Sie interessieren. Wir produzieren für Modellbauer wie Sie.


  1. Jorge Sarmiento Gómez 168711

    Hola, colecciono modelos escala 1:72, en Colombia se ha dificultado conseguir todo tipo de modelos, quisiera saber si hay un medio de conseguir directamente con ustedes. Quedo atento, gracias.

  2. Mario Serementa 168710

    I am in awe of the work you do despite everything going on in Ukraine. You are inspirational in everything you do. On modelling subject I normally build 1/48 aircraft and am really looking forward to the P-47, it looks incredible. Could this be scaled up to 1/35, then aircraft modellers like me wouldn’t hesitate to put that together in a diorama with your incredible 1/35 offerings. And likewise people that usually build armour may decide to buy an aircraft.
    Just a thought and please continue to inspire us all
    Slava Ukraini

  3. Andrew Tomlinson 168709

    Keep up the good products !!
    We need some Allied WW2 medics and a Chaplain. Even grave diggers.
    British vehicles like the Fordson, Humber, Allied staff cars. A canteen truck – GMC or other.
    Canadian like the Lynx.
    NOT just all German vehicles.


  4. Eric Ballestra 168707

    Hello Miniart Team,
    For me you are one of the best model makers but above all one of the most creative in the world.
    Would not change a thing.
    Continue to offer me your works to delight my creativity and my exhibition shelves.
    You are the best!!!!!!!

  5. Jorge Zarur 168705

    I am writing to congratulate you, the scale work you do is fantastic, excellent parts and details, I am an admirer and client of Miniart First War.
    Jorge , México

  6. Allan Joseph gibbs 168704

    I am very pleased with my imperial guard Dutch Grenadier i had part of gladiator amongst the pieces lovely surprise

  7. Jim Parker 168703

    I recently bought kit 37002, T-44M Soviet Medium Tank, and found that a sprue was missing. I contacted the Customer Service department via this website and, after confirming that I had indeed purchased the kit. they put a copy of the missing sprue in the post for me free of charge. *** Excellent service! *** Excellent models! *** I am a huge fan of MiniArt.

  8. Corrado 168702

    Dearest Miniart, I had a problem with the model code 35281. The body of the tanker is very well done, the head is too small to support the black cap of the Russian tanker. This saddened me. When this conflict between Russia and Ukraine is over I hope very soon with peace. I hope you will see the heads of your figures again. Best regards, Corrado Italy.

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