Liebe Modellbauer,

Vielen Dank für ihr großes Interesse an unseren Modellen. Wir hoffen, dass sie in unserer Produktpalette immer viel Interessantes finden. Für uns ist es immer eine Freude, Worte der Dankbarkeit und Anerkennung für unsere Produkte zu lesen. Aber natürlich ist es ebenso wichtig, auch kritische Bemerkungen aufmerksam zu lesen und ihre Wünsche zu kennen. Danke für die vielen interessanten Vorschläge – wir lesen sie alle mit großer Aufmerksamkeit. Viele ihrer Vorschläge haben wir bereits in unseren Modellen umgesetzt und wir planen dies auch in Zukunft zu tun. Vielen Dank für Ihre kreativen Vorschläge und Ideen. Unser Anliegen ist es, Modelle zu produzieren, die Sie interessieren. Wir produzieren für Modellbauer wie Sie.


  1. Markus Oberg 168666

    Hello MiniArt Team, it´s so nice, to see, that you came to life back again.
    But please, please, in your fantastic series of StuG III, please make an Ausf. F !!! (and therby an Ausf. F8 !!) This would be so great and nice !!
    For the whole team, stay tuned and healthy and hopefully, in peace very soon
    Best wishes

  2. Corrado Laccetti 168665

    Dearest Miniart, I am happy that you have started producing new models. I’m happy for you.

  3. Tommy Gunn 168662

    Bought tons of Mini Art models since the invasion began. Slowly working through them. Using the cafe furniture for a scene at the moment.

    Keep going strong. Also loved President Zelensky’s t-shirt “FIGHT LIKE UKRANIANS”

  4. Nathan Braunschweiger 168661

    Hello Miniart!
    Since the release of your T-44 kit in 2016, I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a kit based on one of the earlier T-44 prototypes, the T-44-122.
    I’ve loved building kits that you’ve produced. my favourite being the T-54-1 with interior. Absolutely astounding detail.

    I also hope that all you folks are doing OK now, with the war and all. I’ve been worried about you all, stay safe.
    Best wishes from Canada.

  5. Max 168660

    Hey Miniart 🙂
    It would be so good if you make a set of Weapons used by the UA Infantry in the current war!

    Like AK74s, AR15s, Javelin, Stinger, Panzerfaust 3, AT4, AK47, FN SCAR, Handguns and grenades, Helmets and gear of different NATO states and UAs own helmets and gear, Flashlights, Optics, RPG-7, Sniper rifles and so on!

    I would love to make more dioramas showing of the UA forces! 🙂

    And also there is a great lack of modern weapons in good quality out of plastic

    Keep up the good work and stay safe!
    Grüße aus Deutschland

  6. Scott Millican 168659

    Hope everyone is doing well after the move to Poland, and hope that all employees, past and present are OK. Hopefully this war will be over soon! Viva Ukraine!!! From your favorite Canadian hobby shop!

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