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Liebe Modellierer,

Vielen Dank für so großes Interesse an unseren Modellen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie in unseren Produkten immer viel interessant für Sie finden. Für uns ist es immer angenehm, die Werke der Dankbarkeit an unser Unternehmen zu lesen. Und natürlich ist es sehr wichtig für uns, alle kritischen Bemerkungen und Wünsche zu lesen. Und danke für viele interessante Vorschläge.Wir lesen sie alle mit großer Aufmerksamkeit.Viele Ihrer Vorschläge haben bereits in unseren Modellen verkörpert und wir planen auch diese Zukunft zu machen.Vielen Dank für eine solche kreative Vereinigung. Die Hauptsache für uns ist es, die Modelle zu produzieren, die für Sie interessant sein werden. Wir schaffen für Sie

Aaron Cheney

Thank you for the Australian M3 Lee kit, very rare to find Australian armour kits, the grant tank with Australian decals is great too I bought both to say thanks for the Australian options

Eel Tuna

Hi there, thanks for released so many interesting interior kits , but there also something regret remain, it’s about why all the interior kits for T-55/54 serial lack half of engine components, such as transmission and oil cooler ? so just like to know is there any plan in the future to fill these parts up for later release? looking forward to here the good new soon and best regard, Tunafish

josé luiz

Parabéns. Tenho interesse nas rodas de ferro.

Michael Scholz

Hi there ,
As always, I am enthusiastic about their models, keep it up. In the near future, one can hope for paramedics, nurses and doctors for a field hospital or the like. Vehicles and materials for a diorama would also be great.

Jeff Stimpson

“Dinner on the Front”

Lyubov’ s pervogo vzglyada!!

Jeff S.

Alvaro Bortoletto Jr.

Congratulations for another year of excellent releases.
I would like to suggest you another WW 2 future release, which is currently unavailable in the market: the British Infantry tank, Mk I, Matilda I (A11), this very odd looking AFV used in the very early stage of war.
Please give some thoughts.
Kind regards & happy 2020.
Alvaro Bortoletto

Christopher Ami

You produce excellent products.
I am sure your country will fight off the Russian aggression and live free.
Wishing you and your families all the best.
Take care.
Christopher from Canada

Imre Bencze

Looking at your new issue (35325 Dinner on the front) I have some feel of lacking something. Actually, this is simple a mixture of earlier issued kits. What about adding something new? Two walls and probably a roof? (let it be vacuumformed, who cares?) And you make a whole scene! Just like on the box-top! What prevents you? Anyhow, I really do feel pity for your cancelling your diorama full building series. I have got a couple of them, and they’re really awsome. Ye, and based on your tram and train kits (they are really great!) did you give any consideration to a passenger train car? Would be much better, that the “What if…” series, surely made for non serious modellers :). Finally, my son is in his early stage of modelling. Would you consider issuing more simple kits? I mean the same kit with all extra PE tit-bits and similar, and “week-end” versions – just like Eduard does it. Wish you more success!! Regards, Imre

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