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Dear modelers,

  Thanks a lot for such big interest to our models. We hope that You always find a lot of interesting for You in our products. For us it is always pleasant to read the works of gratitude to our company. And of course, it is very important for us to read all your critical remarks and wishes. And thank You for a lot of interesting suggestions. We read all of them with great attention. Many of your proposes have already embodied in our models and we plan to do this future too. Thanks a lot for such creative union. The main thing for us is to produce the models which will be interesting for You.
We create for You.


  1. Д.С.С. 11

    хотелось бы пожелать вам удачи.
    тем не менее.
    сравнивая качество литья в моделях 1:75 у вас и у "звезды", например, последние ушли далеко вперед. наверное, вы и так об этом знаете. обратите внимание на литье.
    в остальном, спасибо. начатое вами дело весьма похвально!

  2. Олег 10

    Отличные фигурки в 1/35,огромное спасибо…Искренне радуюсь каждому новому набору…Но,увы, присоединяюсь к другим моделистам – в первых наборах литьё оставляет желать лучшего,что вызывает досаду – ведь сделано изначально хорошо,а отлито,извините,паршивенько…Если сами фигурки ещё более или менее можно привести в надлежащий вид, то оружие приходится просто отправлять в корзину и искать замену у других производителей…Поэтому есть предложение выпустить в будущем набор стрелкового оружия с хоршим литьём…Я думаю, спрос на него будет… 🙂

  3. Robert Potter 9

    I continue to be amazed and inspired by your expanding product lines, and am eagerly awaiting your newest figure and building releases. Since you are kind enough to entertain suggestions, allow me to make a few.

    1. Some sheets of building materials such as brickwork, concrete block or masonry. Those of us who enjoy modifying your buildings have the most difficulty matching your masonry patterns.

    2. For new 1/35 buildings, a church spire, either Romanesque, Baroque, or onion-domed Orthodox. A church or small chapel ruin, Orthodox or Catholic. Communist-era public monuments such as statues or fountains.
    Stone barns or farm buildings. Finnish or Karelian structures.

    3. In the 1/35 building range, some furniture such as tables, chairs and similar things too horrid to build in resin. Some plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, washstands, and WC's. Injection-moulded stairways and railings. Shutters and clear plastic windows, with and without shattered panes. Park benches.

    4. In 1/35 figures, crews for captured tanks: a Soviet crew for a PZII or IV, a German crew for a T-34. Finns, all kinds. Hungarians, Romanians, Cossacks, partisans. Refueling crews. Naval infantry. Anyone COLD!

    5. In 1/16 figures, tank crews (scale up your 1/35 ones and sell the entire crew in one box). Figures from Russian and Ukrainian history from Stephan Bathory, Peter the Great and Charles XII. A Polish winged hussar. English Civil War figures.

    6. In your new 1/32 figure range, 17th and 18th century figures from Gustavus Adolphus to Frederick the Great. This is a great, unexplored period of history for plastic figure designers.

    Finally, congratulations to those modelers whose work you showcase on your Gallery page. Their work is an inspiration to us all.

    Best wishes for a successful New Year! May you live long and prosper!

    Bob Potter
    Wilmington, Delaware, USA

  4. John Cameron 8

    A great site, with fantastic models. I just wish they were available in the U.K. If you know a supplier for the U.K. please e mail me. Thanks, John.

  5. Matteo Napoletano 7

    Thank you and congratulation for the beatiful italian knights

  6. matteo napoletano 6

    congratulazioni per i vostri bellissimi soldatini

  7. bebson 5

    С новым годом!

  8. Paweі 3

    Your buidling (1:35) serie is very good but i think some models take too much places (like hungary country h.) and they are not comfortable to use on dioramas. For me the best dimensions are aprox. 25×12 cm. I hope You will do also some north afika buildings and some bunkers.

  9. anthony mather 2

    stop being so in thrall to the germans
    think about your own heros (despite stalin) and the allies ,ie the british in europe.!!!!!!!

  10. anthony mather 1

    stop being so bloody modest, your figures and characterisation are very ahead of Dragon figures,how do I become your uk distributor?

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