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Dear modelers,

  Thanks a lot for such big interest to our models. We hope that You always find a lot of interesting for You in our products. For us it is always pleasant to read the works of gratitude to our company. And of course, it is very important for us to read all your critical remarks and wishes. And thank You for a lot of interesting suggestions. We read all of them with great attention. Many of your proposes have already embodied in our models and we plan to do this future too. Thanks a lot for such creative union. The main thing for us is to produce the models which will be interesting for You.
We create for You.


  1. Андрей Михайлович

    День добрый.Спасибо за исполнение хрустальной мечты детства танк Т-44.Вот бы Вы сделали модель легкого колесно=гусеничного танка А-20,предшественник Т-34,было бы офигенно.И пару мыслей чего можно еще сделать на основе существующих моделей.Т-34-85 с зенитным крупнокалиберным пулеметом Браунинг М2 на башне,армия бывшей Югославии,Т-34-85 армии Вьетнама с пулеметом ДШК на башне,оба пулемета устанавливали на колпаках башенных вентиляторов.Pz-IVJ или Pz-IVH армия Сирии с пулеметом ДШК на командирской башенке,Pz-IVJ армия Финляндии вместо немецких пулеметов MG советские ДТ,демонтированные экраны с корпуса и башни и ящик ЗИП на башне.Т-55МВ или Т-55АМВ с комплектом динамической защиты советская армияИ,Т-55 армии Ирака с дополнительным бронированием.Особое спасибо за броневик Остин с деколем армии УНР,если бы создали модель махновской тачанки было бы просто абалдеть.

  2. Corrado Laccetti

    Good afternoon. I like the Miniart toy soldiers for example: the Italian tankers, the German tankers of the 1940s, etc. etc. I would better sculpt the heads which are small and should be bigger to better color the details and the bodies I would make them bigger. I know they are designed to fit into your line of mediums. I often find the miniatures small. Sincerely. Corrado Italy

  3. Corrado Laccetti

    The problem of plastic when I cut it from the trolley with the cutter often the pieces broke and I had to rebuild or throw them because they were broken or weak

  4. Corrado Laccetti

    The problem of plastic when I cut it from the trolley with the cutters I often broke the pieces or I had to rebuild or throw them I refer to armored truck cranes etc. etc. Sometimes even with accessories with toy soldiers never. Good day.

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