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Dear modelers,

  Thanks a lot for such big interest to our models. We hope that You always find a lot of interesting for You in our products. For us it is always pleasant to read the works of gratitude to our company. And of course, it is very important for us to read all your critical remarks and wishes. And thank You for a lot of interesting suggestions. We read all of them with great attention. Many of your proposes have already embodied in our models and we plan to do this future too. Thanks a lot for such creative union. The main thing for us is to produce the models which will be interesting for You.
We create for You.


  1. stephane 168590

    As a client and a big Fan of your wonderful products I just hope your team and their families are alright . Your are, as all your country men and women, in our prayers and thoughts .
    long live Ukraine

  2. Phil 168588

    Hi from the UK. Our thoughts are with you during this dreadful time. We hope that you and your families stay safe and that your country prevails against Putin and his regime.

    Slava Ukraini!

  3. 황재시 168587

    우크라이나여 영원하라!!

    지금의 어려움을 떨쳐버리고 꼭 승리의 영광을 갖길 바라며..

    당신들의 좋은 제품을 기다리겠습니다.

    우크라이나에게 영광을!! 영웅들에게 찬사를!!

  4. MD 168586

    I am building one of your models right now and this one will always remind me of that cowardly raid on your great country.
    As a model builder, I am shocked by the images of real soldiers and real destruction, although I deal a lot with the subject of war in my hobby…
    I will continue to support you and believe in God given justice and the victory of freedom!
    Slava Ukraine!

  5. davignon 168585

    bonjour , j’espère que vous aller vaincre ce tirant de poutin qui ce croix tout permis , de tout coeur avec vous , quand je vois votre peuple unis pour le pays je reste admiratif
    en tout cas très beaux kits vos maquettes j adore , gloire à vous ……….. (.France )

  6. Caleb 168583

    May you, your families, and Ukraine make it through the current crisis safely.

  7. Chris W 168582

    Hi from the UK..
    I’ve just purchased my first Miniart models and I can’t wait to get started on them. I hope I my build is a fraction as good as the quality of the kits! My thoughts are with you guys over there and I hope with every bone in my body that you can send Putin and his scum and all their cronies back to where they came! Slava Ukraini!!

  8. Christian Kohl 168581

    Eure Kits sind mit das Beste, was der Markt in Sachen Detailtreue zu bieten hat. Ich schätze Eure Arbeit sehr. In diesem feigen, unfairen, sinnlosen, mörderischen, Freiheit-und demokratieverachtenden Krieg, sind meine Familien & ich in Gedanken bei Eurem großartigen Volk. Gott sei mit Euch und wird dafür Sorge tragen, dass der Aggressor dafür zur Rechenschaft gezogen wird.

  9. Thomas Herling 168580

    My most heartfelt hopes that your people will see an end to this tragedy soon and that your families stay safe.

  10. Andy Langridge 168579

    Glory to Ukraine.

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