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Dear modelers,

  Thanks a lot for such big interest to our models. We hope that You always find a lot of interesting for You in our products. For us it is always pleasant to read the works of gratitude to our company. And of course, it is very important for us to read all your critical remarks and wishes. And thank You for a lot of interesting suggestions. We read all of them with great attention. Many of your proposes have already embodied in our models and we plan to do this future too. Thanks a lot for such creative union. The main thing for us is to produce the models which will be interesting for You.
We create for You.


  1. john bednar (NSW Australia) 168621

    With sadness I see all the devastation going on in your beautiful country. The courage you people fight with against this evil invader is mind blowing to say the least, hoping it will all be over soon but at what a cost of lives and culture, one asks why and for what? Being a 1/35 modeller I recently made your T34/85 of the Egyptian army of the 6 day war, simply stunning. Please take care and God bless all of you.

  2. Steven W. 168620

    I have just received my MiniArt 35335 StuG III Ausf. G Feb 1943 Alkett Prod. INTERIOR KIT today. Amazing kit. I am most pleased to see that you are busy with a new BTR 4 kit. This means that your factory and your staff have survived the onslaught. Please let us know whether your employees are all ok and if your building took any damage. We really want to know how it is going with you.

  3. Sanguk park 168619

    Are you o.k?
    Please survive…i wish your member’s safety

  4. Dietmar 168618

    Victory to the people of Ukraine your fight against the Russian oppressor will live with the world forever long live Ukraine

  5. john waller 168617

    Please be aware of how much support there is in the world-wide scale modelling community for you and your families. Hopefully there may be an end soon to this criminal madness that has upturned your lives. Stay safe and well.
    Best regards,
    John Waller.

  6. Andrew Winters 168616

    Thank you MiniArt for your perseverance in the face of such a brutal and evil invasion. I hope that your company will endure and that all of you are safe from the oppression of Vlad the Impaler. May he rot in a special place in hell, along with his henchmen. Slava Ukraine!

  7. Todd W 168615

    God be with the people of the Ukraine. I hope you overcome this evil invader. I hope they pay dearly. May Putin and his supporters suffer for a thousand years!

  8. Robert Gostecnik 168614

    Life took me to Your beautiful country where I lived for 2 years and end up marrying beautiful Ukrainian woman, mother of our three daughters…Happy to had opportunity to met such beautiful, warm and proud people… So brothers and sisters, stand tall as always…keep safe and…SLAVA UKRAINI…

  9. Wataru 168613

    My 75 year old father likes to build “MiniArt” plastic models. He says the parts are so detailed that he enjoys putting them together.
    My father is worried about Ukraine now.
    I hope that all employees of “MiniArt” will return to their daily lives soon. From Nagoya, Japan

  10. Corrado Laccetti 168612

    I support the Ukrainian people and companies: Miniart, Masterbox and ICM in this senseless criminal and bloody war. God protected you. Corrado Laccetti Italy.

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