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Dear modelers,

  Thanks a lot for such big interest to our models. We hope that You always find a lot of interesting for You in our products. For us it is always pleasant to read the works of gratitude to our company. And of course, it is very important for us to read all your critical remarks and wishes. And thank You for a lot of interesting suggestions. We read all of them with great attention. Many of your proposes have already embodied in our models and we plan to do this future too. Thanks a lot for such creative union. The main thing for us is to produce the models which will be interesting for You.
We create for You.


  1. Corrado Laccetti 168633

    I pray for you and your families and for Ukraine. I hope that at the end of the conflict you will be able to resume the beautiful models dearest Miniart.

  2. Christian Gräf 168632

    Hey Guys,

    I Hope you can keep up the production, once this unholy war is over. I adore your Models, they are simply great.
    Best wishes to you brave ukrainians from Germany!

  3. Tonymorony 168631

    Best wishes to you all. I hope peace is restored soon. Stay strong. Cheers, Tony from New Zealand

  4. Don 168630

    Stay Strong! I am praying for you.

  5. Enrico 168627

    Stay safe and sound! My toughts to ukranian people and soldiers.

  6. Ron Scholtz 168626

    The people of Ukraine are in my prayers! It is so sad what is happening.

  7. Corrado Laccetti 168625

    I love your models dear Miniart they are beautiful support your work. I hope this cursed war is over. Corrado Laccetti Italy

  8. Corrado Laccetti 168624

    Dear Miniart, your models are beautiful, the soldiers, accessories and military vehicles are excellent. I hope this war ends soon. Poor Ukraine. Corrado Laccetti Italy

  9. Kai Choi 168623

    From the UK, I would like to say that I think of your team a lot under the current difficulties, I hope that all your staff members are safe and are able to continue with your work and still be able to focus on your creative art. Good luck.

    Kai Choi

  10. Joshua Allfree 168622

    будь міцною, Україно!

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