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Шановні моделісти,

Дякуємо за такий великий інтерес до наших моделей. Ми сподіваємось, що Ви завжди знайдете багато цікавого для Вас у наших продуктах. Нам завжди приємно читати ваши відгуки. І звичайно, для нас дуже важливо прочитати всі ваші критичні зауваження та побажання. І дякуємо за безліч цікавих пропозицій. Ми всі їх читаємо з великою увагою. Багато ваших пропозицій вже втілено в наших моделях, і ми плануємо робити це і в майбутньому. Для нас головне – створювати моделі, які будуть цікаві Вам.
Ми створюємо для Вас.


  1. Richard Dowling 168643

    The free world is with Ukraine. Slava Ukraini !

  2. Corrado 168641

    I have a question dear Miniart: when will you start producing your models again? Thanks for the reply Corrado Italia

  3. levent 168640

    Turkey has shared and will share a history with you. Ukraine and Turkey are special for me. We became neighbors, we became friends, we became relatives. Defend your country, do not leave your country and unite. for example afghanistan iraq suiye tunisia morocco egypt ? usa russia france england israel. The policies of these countries have never been good for humanity.

    your models are great. really thank you so much. You have many back-of-war figures, like social spaces, everyday soldier situations. My wish is that there are more figures with the daily life of the people. People who buy bread in the bakery, people who take things out of deteriorated buildings, people who try to cook. I love you

  4. Ewen Coleman (Australia) 168637

    “Victory at all costs,
    victory in spite of all terror,
    victory however long and hard the road may be;
    for without victory there is no survival.”
    Winston Churchill 13th May 1940
    Slava Ukraini

  5. Alan 168636

    For a long time now I have wanted to build a 1:48 Fairey Gannet with folded wings. Having built your LGOC B-Type lorry I think you could produce a splendid Gannet. Kia kaha from NZ

  6. Francois Jones 168635

    Like a phoenix Ukraine is rising again. My respect to to all of you.
    Thanks for the quality projects that you give to the scale modelers of the world!
    Best Regards

  7. Thomas 168634

    Any plan for the destroyed T-90M?

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