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Шановні моделісти,

Дякуємо за такий великий інтерес до наших моделей. Ми сподіваємось, що Ви завжди знайдете багато цікавого для Вас у наших продуктах. Нам завжди приємно читати ваши відгуки. І звичайно, для нас дуже важливо прочитати всі ваші критичні зауваження та побажання. І дякуємо за безліч цікавих пропозицій. Ми всі їх читаємо з великою увагою. Багато ваших пропозицій вже втілено в наших моделях, і ми плануємо робити це і в майбутньому. Для нас головне – створювати моделі, які будуть цікаві Вам.
Ми створюємо для Вас.


  1. Jorge Soto Valenzuela 168746

    Hello. I have few Miniart kits, and they arrive in my country less and less, but I think they are of excellent quality. I think it would be great if Miniart created more figures of American paratroopers in Normandy, in combat attitude (yes, I’m thinking of the Band of Brothers series, Carentan etc). Please be so kind as to consider my suggestion in the future. Greetings.

  2. KB 168745

    A big plus for customer service. The missing parts were sent without any problems and at no cost. Thanks Ben!

  3. Rodger Kelly 168744

    I managed to lose the two small photo-etch sprues from my MiniArt U.S. Army Tractor (with angled dozer blade). I e-mailed Ben at MiniArt Customer Service asking if I were able to purchase replacements. I was very surprised and extremely grateful when Ben told me that they would sent me replacement sprues at no cost. Very, very happy with this. Thank you Ben and thank you MiniArt for your fabulous service and support to the modelling community!

  4. ROBERT SMITH 168743

    Hi, i bought a set of 1/35 Miniart US tank crew figures, unfortunately the decal sheet was missing, i took photo’s of the item and i contacted Ben at customer services about this, and he was only too happy to assist in sending out a replacement decal sheet to me.
    The replacement decal sheet arrived quickly, and without any fuss at all, i can’t thank Ben enough for this really fantastic service, he is truly a treasure to the company.
    Once again, thank you very much Ben.

  5. Dieter Neuendorff 168742

    I have bought the wonderful Kit 35297 Mercedes-Benz Type 170 V Van Military Ambulance and I make a mistake with the glue on the window part. So I contacted Ben from the Customer Service. I asked for a replacement, which I was willing to pay for, as it was my fault. It was no problem at all. He sent me a replacement quickly. That is a great service, so uncomplicated and as a model maker I can only express my gratitude and it encourages me to continue buying Miniart, which by the way is super detailed and also a great price for me. So thank you again

  6. Corrado Laccetti 168741

    I watched the interview on the Squadron site of Ms. Alina Rizhko. I liked Alina’s interview about miniart products and her story very much. Corrado Italy

  7. Dwayne Moore 168740

    I can not tell you how thrilled I was to see the M3 Stuart tank, Initial production, kit come out. With an interior, which is awesome.
    Andy’s Hobby Headquarters is where I saw it and jumped at the chance to order one. I have been looking for this particular type of M3 Stuart since childhood. I’ve put many together but they were not what I wanted.
    I sincerely appreciate your time. effort and expense to create this extraordinary vehicle. I can’t wait to get started on it.
    God bless you, your company and your country.
    Thank you again.

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